Do you need Spanish for your business or any professional field? Do you wish to learn technical or specialized Spanish? Learn business Spanish with us!


From Madrid Spanish Lessons Online, we know that learning business Spanish might be very usefull for you. However, it's also one of the most complicated goals to achieve due to the many specific and technnical therms you need to learn. So to help you to achive your goals, we organize special courses for professionals who want to improve their ability to communicate in Spanish in a specific workplace: business, engineering, medicine, law, economics, politics, etc...


Business Spanish lessons tailor-made to your professional needs. We help you to learn the structures and the specialized language of the field you need, as well as presentation skills, conferences preparation, meetings or job interviews, business proposals, professional texts and emails, etc..


Learning business Spanish you will expand your knowledge in those fields you really need. You will be able to understand reports, to deal with new clients, to expand your business or simply to get a better job. 


Learning business Spanish has never been so easy!

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General Spanish

Flexible, adapted to your level and needs. Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Practice conversation. Own material and exercises.

For Business

Learn professional Spanish with teachers specialised in business, legal, engineering and technical language etc.

Kids and Teens

Courses of Spanish for kids and teens. Learn vocabulary with fun games, help with school exercises, practice pronunciation and extra exercises to prepare exams.