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The definitive guide to finding the best teacher for Spanish lessons




Being a student of a brilliant teacher who makes learning engaging, fun and effective, is an absolute privilege. Spending an inordinate time, money and resources in improving the quality of education is not feasible.  However, on considering a few basic factors, you can make your search for the right tutor much easier and efficient.

If you are looking for a Spanish course online, or Spanish lessons via Skype, then here are some points that you must go through, in order to determine whether the tutor is right for you.


Five questions you must ask before hiring an online Spanish tutor

  1. Is your Spanish online tutor a native speaker?

Having a native Spanish online tutor works as a great advantage on your side. The skill set and knowledge of the teacher are of course important, but being a native plays a vital role.


  1. Does your Spanish teacher have enough experience?

Whether your Spanish online tutor is a native speaker or not, the experience as a professional Spanish language tutor is one of the first factors that must be considered. With sufficient experience, the tutor is highly likely to be acquainted with the most common problems and ambiguities a student encounters in the quest for learning a new language. However, some people prefer inexperienced tutors because their way of explanation is not firm and bookish. Perhaps a mix of both would provide you with different perspectives, which is always a good thing while learning a new language.


  1. Do you get along with your Spanish tutor?

Your Spanish lessons via Skype will be fully effective only when you have a good understanding with your Tutor. If your Spanish tutor is interesting, and makes studying fun and positively challenging, your Spanish online course will be a great experience. What is more important than having degrees is the ability to make lessons seem engaging and not difficult. This will keep up the motivation of the learner. Therefore, look for a tutor who is enthusiastic and a joy to talk to.


  1. Which teaching style are you most comfortable with?

Different tutors have different methods of teaching. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, you must identify the teaching style you are most comfortable with. This will help you communicate your preferences to your Spanish online tutor for making the most out of the lessons. Find a teacher whose teaching style matches you.


  1. Is your Spanish online course interesting?

Unless you enjoy learning the language, you will lack motivation and the eagerness to delve deeper. Besides learning the strict grammar rules, having fun while learning Spanish is also important. Your Spanish online tutor must make the lessons interesting. Making the idea of learning or mastering a new language very difficult and complicated can weigh down the learner’s motivation. Doing the right exercises at the right time, and going along with your interest flow can enhance the learning process.



Spanish lessons via Skype versus live lessons: Which is better?


  • It is easy, convenient and can be done from anywhere

Learning Spanish lessons via Skype can be done from any part of the world. You only need a stable Internet connection.


  • It is less expensive than private lessons

Spanish online course is comparatively much more affordable than private lessons. Besides that, if your tutor hails from a country which has a weaker currency compared to your country, the rates will be dramatically cut down. You can also opt for group lessons, which distributes the charges equally among the participants.


  • It gives access to a wide range of useful online tools

Learning Spanish online is much more convenient because you have a quick access to the various online tools like dictionary, tricks and tips and translators.


  • You have a large pool of options to choose your tutor from

If you choose to opt for Spanish online course, you can choose your tutor from the entire world. However, your options are limited when you go for private lessons because you only have access to the Spanish tutors who are currently present in your area.

After you have analyzed and speculated all the factors, you must identify your needs and interests to adapt to a Spanish lesson plan perfectly suited for you. Keep focused and keep learning!


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