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General Spanish

Flexible, adapted to your level and needs. Lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Practice conversation. Own material and exercises.

For Business

Learn professional Spanish with teachers specialised in business, legal, engineering and technical language etc.

Kids and Teens

Courses of Spanish for kids and teens. Learn vocabulary with fun games, help with school exercises, practice pronunciation and extra exercises to prepare exams.

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"Franzi CK" Germany

The most spoken language in the world! I love Spanish and I think Madrid Spanish Lessons Online is the easiest way to learn Spanish. A clear and easy accent. Thank you!

"Owen McQuay" United Kingdom

I think Madrid Spanish Lessons Online is a very professional and well-organized school. You get all the materials you need so that you save a lot of money on books and methods. I recommend it! Cheers.

"Olga Katainen" Finland

Awesome teachers!☺Young, funny and energetic, but very professional. Although we have never met in real life, my teacher has become a true friend of mine. This is how to speak Spanish fast.

"Thomas Renfrew" Canada

For me, very convenient. It takes only an hour to have a real-time class and I don’t have to waste midafternoon for transportation. So practical and convenient.

"Aleksandra Lisowska" Poland

Guys thank you very much. To tell the truth, everything has been very easy from the begining, you are always tailored to what I need. Keep it up please!